Etude House Play 101 Blending Pencils 17, 18, 20 and 22 Review and Swatches.

by - November 03, 2017

Etude House always come with new addition to their Play 101 line, and one of their newest additions is their Play 101 Blending pencils. I've got some of them a while back when they were just launched, but never got around to review them, but then again, better late than never right?

Description and Claims:

The multi-blending pencil expresses various makeup looks through the mix and match of different colors.

How to use:

Twist to dispense certain amount and use on desired area. Close cap after use. When using sharpener, insert lead and sharpen while turning slowly

Capacity: 0.9g

Packaging: 9/10

The packaging is very similar to the Play 101 regular pencils, the only difference is that this one is thicker. It's a nice auto pencil, all you have to do is twist off the upper side to twist up the stick out. It comes with a plastic cap that is quite hard to take off, which makes it less likely to come off when you put it in your purse, and a colored end that makes it easier for you to pick the right shade without opening it. The reason I'm not giving it a 10/10 is because I'm kinda used to how sturdy mamonde lippies are, this one feels kinda fragile in comparison (I had no problem with it though)

The pencil comes in a simple black box with a colored band showing the lippie's color and number.

Colors: 10/10

Other than their super cute packagings, Etude House are known for their wide range of shades.
This pencil comes in 25 regular colors and some others in limited editions.

And since I don't use eyeshadows that frequently, and I love collecting lippies, I got the following 4 colors to try them out before purchasing the other ones:

- 17 PK004 (Jelly): this one is the most girly shade I have: A glossy light pink with a warm undertone to it, that kinda looks like the peripera rose quartz one (check my post here to know what I'm talking about). I'm glad I could find something similar to it since it's limited edition.

- 18 PK005 (Velvet): Another pink I got. This one is brighter and deeper than the previous one and leans slightly to the coraly side, the kind of pink I personally like.

- 20 OR203 (Velvet): A bright reddish orange that might be quite daring, but still really pretty (imo)

- 22 RD303 (Velvet): A deep red/burgundy. This color has been trendy lately and would look good both as a lippie and an eyeshadow.

Scent: 9/10

It has a light plastic-ey scent that fades away once you apply it.

Texture: 9/10

The #17 (Jelly) is really smooth and creamy and glides on seamlessly. It doesn't dry the lips out nor emphasis the dry patches, and although it has a glossy finish, it doesn't smear out of your lips and create that spider web kinda look.

As for the velvet ones, they might be really tricky at the beginning since they have some white coat (see picture below) on them that makes it really hard to apply, but once you take it off (by using it on the back of your hand a couple of times)  they become really easy to apply, not as smoothly as the jelly one until the second swipe when it starts to melt. It can be kinda drying if you have already dry lips, so make sure to moisturise your lips first before using them ^^

Pigmentation: 10/10

Just like most of Etude House makeup, these ones are really pigmented! you won't need to layer it so a little goes a long way.

Application: 10/10

These pencils are smooth and easy to apply, but the velvet ones might be quite chunky when you first use them.
They blend effortlessly which makes them perfect for both gradient lips and cheeks. I won't advise to use them directly on your eyelids and then blend them out since the parts where you applied it would look darker than the others, unless you are really quick.
Once they set, they don't budge much (unless you really rub it), so if you wanna blend these out, do it quickly ;)

Lasting Power: 9/10

I think the velvet pencils are the longest lasting lipsticks (I'm not talking about liquid lipsticks or lip tints) I've ever tried. that being said, they do fade a tad bit after eat a greasy meal (they're only lip pencils after all).
As for the jelly one, I don't know if it's because the one I have is of a light color or if it's because of the formula, but I noticed that it fades much faster than the other ones.

Would I repurchase it?

I love these colors and would absolutely repurchase them. as for the other shades, I'll probably get the #7 #8 #24 #25 and #13.

Where to buy:

- At Amazon for $8.66 - $9.5 (depending on the color)

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  1. Love those colors. Amazing how different they look in sunlight vs other lights

  2. Thanks for sharing; I hadn't heard of these products. I'm loving all the variety of colors and that the lippies go on well.


  3. I am so glad that there is such a great range of colours and that the pigmentation is so excellent. I love the look of the velvet pencils and my favourite colour has to be 22 unblended x

  4. I love the photography. What camera do you use?

  5. These look good love the colours its amazing how different they look though in different lighting. Its also great that they are long lasting which is what I need.

  6. Your reviews are always so detailed and you never miss a thing. I love that. Thank you for sharing. These products sounds great. It's great that they offer so many colours.

  7. Oooh Etude House! I love their darker shades. They are only a few but this collection seems to have the perfect shades of cherry red. Thanks for the review!

  8. I would love a pencil like that! It seems easier to handle than most and I am usually all thumps!

  9. I love the look of the makeup products here. Good to know they are affordable. I will look out for them.

  10. I love these colors! :) They're so pretty! I need to order some of these :)

  11. The colors look amazingly. They have a great contrast. I prefer lighter shades, darker shades are for sinners ;)

  12. Thanks for sharing, never heard of this product. They have amazing collections of different shades. I love all shades.

  13. I have actually heard of Etude House - may have even had their products in the past. I'm just the opposite of you - I rarely wear lipstick (don't go out of the house very often!), but I do put on some makeup usually daily, especially eye shadow. I have aging dry skin, so I prefer eye pencils like these that are creamy rather than powder-based.