Swanicoco Bitamin C Clam Down Skin Toner Review: My Newly Found HG Toner

by - December 10, 2017

Even though I like trying new products, my basic skincare routine rarely changes since I have a sensitive extremely dehydrated skin, that waits for me to use the wrong product to get even drier and reward me with a nice breakout to top it off. That's why my skincare routine have been centred around three essential brands for years: COSRX, Klairs and Innisfree. So when one of my friends gave me Swanicoco's Bitamin C Calm Down Skin toner, emulsion and essence as an early birthday present last year, I was both excited to try them out and reluctant at the same time, but since I know she has a kinda similar skin to mine and I loved how these products smell like roses, I gave them a shot, and let me tell you: Boy I'm so proud I did. (ok I don't really care for the essence but I love the other two) 

So after using them for around 6-7 months and purchasing my second bottle of each of the emulsion and toner, I decided to finally review them. I was initially planning to review both of them at the same time but then thought it wouldn't be fair lol. (You can find the Emulsion's review here btw)

Description and claims:

A hypoallergic basic skin care for intensive sensitive skin care.
With Aspergillus/Rice Ferment extract base instead of purified water (just water), it helps overall skin elasticity and prioritizes calming and protection for sensitive skin against irritation along with supply of natural ferment, bio ingredient and nourishment.

Price: 24000 KRW

Volume: 120ml


Aspergillus, RH-Oligopeptide-1, sodium ascorbyl phosphate (C1000 ppm of vitamin), sodium hyaluronate, Hydrolized collagen, aloe vera leaf powder, yeast / mistletoe fermentation extract, lactobacillus / soybean fermentation extract, Yeast / roots fermented extract, rice bran extract + rice extract, damask rose oil.

What skin type might like this?

this line was developed for:
• Those with thin and sensitive skin.
• Those concerned about rough skin texture.
• Those concerned about dry skin.
• Those who do not want greasy and sticky products.
• Those looking for hypoallergenic natural ingredient product.


This toner comes in a sleek frosted plastic bottle with simple lettering, and a small opening to dispense the product. It used to come with a pump but since people complained about not being able to use it up, and I'm glad they did. I'm not really fond of pumping type packagings (except for mists of course)
I also have some instructions and tips inside the box, which can be cool if u are the kinda person who throws the box away (you can cut it in half and read them),  as for me,  I can't keep my skincare without the boxes lol. Noway I'm cutting it.


It smells like roses mixed with sweet peaches? I can't really explain it but I love it nonetheless (would have loved it more if t smelled like the emulsion)


This toner is slightly thicker than water, absorbs quickly into the skin, making it feel smooth and soft without leaving any sticky or greasy residue.


So as I've mentioned in some of my previous reviews, Klairs toner (that I reviewed here) has been my HG toner for so long, and rarely used any other toner along the way, until I came across a new toner that I started using instead: well as you might have guessed, I was talking about this toner.

So as my friend told me, it soothes the skin, and makes it smoother and softer, it also helped with my skin elasticity, flakiness, redness and acne. I also feel like my skin is less textured than it was before.

At first, I thought that it was similar to my previous toner (results-wise), but after a couple of months I noticed that my skin reacted to this one even better, which I think is because of the Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate since my skin loves everything Vitamin C related (or maybe it's just because I'm biased).

What's good?

- Alcohol free
- contains Vitamin C
- Great at soothing and cooling the skin
- Hydrating
- Does a good job healing sensitive/damaged skin
- Great for the 7 skin method
- Many great fermented ingredients
- A short ingredient list.

What's not good?

I honestly can't think about anything, except than it's kinda harder to find compared to other toners, but I'm sure it would be available in more places as this brand is getting bigger in name and size.

Will I repurchase it?
Most definitely!

Where to buy?
Amazon for $27.99

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  1. Oh wow this seems like the perfect toner, I've went through so many different ones before to find one that's perfect for my skin tone and I might have to give this one a try. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you so much for your honest and thorough review of the product. Sometimes it is difficult to find a product that really works well with your skin. I am going to give Swanicoco products a try. Love the short list of ingredients. Now I know what my skin is getting!